Gud Holdings

GUD supports environmental responsibility

G.U.D. Holdings is committed to the preservation and protection of the environment in accordance to the National Environmental Management Waste Act, 2008. 

It is against the law to dump used motor oil, resulting in up to 15 years imprisonment. Used oil filters that are not drained of their oil properly and thrown away with general rubbish in landfills is also extremely hazardous to the environment by contaminating soil and water resources.

We encourage all workshops and mechanics to comply with the law by ensuring their used oil filters and oil are disposed of in a safe manner. The National Oil Recycling Society (NORA-SA) in association with The Rose Foundation specialises in the management, collection and recycling of used lubricating oil in South Africa. With various depots and collection points all over the country workshops and mechanics can arrange to have their used oil and filters disposed in a safe manner located close to their businesses.

Used oil can be dropped off free of charge at any of The Rose Foundation depots located in all regions. To find the depot closest to you visit Workshops and mechanics can also contact The Rose Foundation on 021 448 7492 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information regarding the storage and collection of used oil.