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To ensure your car delivers optimum engine performance and fuel economy, Indy Oil recommends regular cleaning of the fuel injectors.

Every time you stop a hot engine a small amount of fuel residue accumulates. The more frequent the stops, the faster the residue build up. Fuel injectors’ clog when fuel residue deposits build up over time, this reduces the flow of fuel through the injector, disrupting its spray pattern and prevents the fuel from burning efficiently.

This causes a loss of engine power and higher fuel consumption. Indy Oil’s Injector Cleaners for petrol and diesel engines is a specially formulated concentrated fuel detergent that removes harmful fuel deposits and maintains the cleanliness of fuel injector systems for optimum engine performance.

Other benefits of the Indy Oil Fuel Injector Cleaner Range are:
• Removes deposits from the engine combustion chambers
• Removes deposits from intake valves to achieve better accelerator
• Removes carbon accumulated on the spark plugs to prevent misfiring and provides better engine start-up for petrol engines

Cleaning your cars fuel injectors couldn’t be easier. Just pour one bottle of Indy Oil Diesel or Petrol Injector Cleaner, depending your vehicles engine, directly into the fuel tank containing a full tank of fuel. Drive until fuel tank is almost empty before refueling. It’s best to perform regular cleaning of the fuel injectors every 20,000 – 30, 000 km.