REDEX AdBlue® launched in South Africa

Redex, the UK’s number one fuel additive, has launched an AdBlue® product for the local market. The launch of Redex AdBlue® is perfectly timed with the increase of Euro 6 compliant diesel vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and many more, on South Africa’s roads.

Redex AdBlue® is a diesel exhaust fluid that is used to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80%. Redex AdBlue® cleans diesel gases converting them into water and nitrogen that gets expelled from the vehicle via the exhaust. It is crucial to always ensure the AdBlue® tank is never empty as this will prevent the vehicle from starting or cause it to go into limp mode.

Redex AdBlue® is available in 5L and 10L bottles and can be stored in home garages or in your workshop for quick top-ups. It has a specially designed controlled pouring system with a built-in spout, so no liquid is spilled or contaminated with foreign materials during filling and no other equipment is needed.

“We are pleased to offer Redex AdBlue® to the South African market and we are confident our customers will enjoy the ease of purchase through our national automotive distribution channels. Redex has specialized in cleaning fuel systems since 1922 and the introduction of Redex AdBlue® will not only complement the existing product range but will be a benefit to the local market as the popularity of high-end diesel vehicles continues to increase,” says Tillie Oosthuizen, National Sales Manager, Holts South Africa.

Redex is sold under license to the South African market by Holts South Africa, a G.U.D. Holdings Company. Redex AdBlue® is available at automotive distributors and retailers. For more information go to