Safeline launches instant friction for faster bedding-in

Safeline has taken brake pad manufacture in South Africa a step forward with the introduction of a surface layer that provides instant friction for faster brake pad bedding-in. This will improve the process of bedding-in the brake pad with the rotor, resulting in enhanced braking performance from the very first stop after the brake pad replacement.

The friction surface layer, branded SAFETRAC, is characterised by its visible red coating and provides additional friction to the brake pad during the bedding-in process when the friction level of regular brake pads is initially low. An added advantage is the reduction of brake squeal associated with the replacement of brake pads.

“Tests* conducted on Safeline SAFETRAC brake pads, measuring the first 50 stops, recorded an average 15% reduction in stopping time and distance, with an impressive 30% increase in friction coefficient over regular Safeline brake pads. The SAFETRAC friction layer also delivered greater stopping power from the outset,” said Alex van den Blink, Group Technical Director at Safeline.

“As a leading brake pad manufacturer, Safeline sets the benchmark in brake technology and safe braking systems. Through continuous research and development, the brand is positioned as South Africa’s unparalleled leader in braking innovation and quality, offering motorists the shortest stop to safety. The impressive test results led to our decision to apply the specially formulated SAFETRAC red friction surface layer to the entire locally manufactured range.”

“Workshop owners can now look forward to fewer customer queries regarding brake squeal thanks to quicker bedding in. Another advantage is that the SAFETRAC friction surface layer protects mechanics and DIY fitters from picking up metallic splinters during installation.” van den Blink added.

While Safeline’s popular D3522T is the first brake pad to come off the assembly line at the company’s manufacturing site in Johannesburg with SAFETRAC, the automotive aftermarket can expect the full roll-out over the coming months.