Holts launches Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Holts South Africa has launched a specially formulated liquid hand sanitizer proven to be effective against viruses, microbes and other pathogens. It acts immediately upon contact with your skin to kill germs and keep you safe from infection.

Holts Liquid Hand Sanitizer is water-based and contains an FDA approved ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) which is effective against Corona Viruses. Holts Liquid Hand Sanitizer’s advantage over regular alcohol-based sanitizers is that it creates an invisible biofilm layer on the skin when applied.

The biofilm layer is made up of thousands of tiny benzalkonium chloride spheres. Each sphere has a core of germ-fighting benzalkonium chloride that is covered in a protective polymer shell. When the shell is exposed to moisture, such as the tiny water droplets that spread viruses, it dissolves. This allows the active ingredient to be released and the germs to be destroyed.

The biofilm is reactivated continuously by any water droplets until the polymer is used up. This gives the user up to 6 hours of protection against germs and the peace of mind to go about regular activities by eliminating the need to constantly disinfect. In contrast, alcohol-based sanitizers do not provide any residual protection and require more frequent applications.

The Holts Hand Sanitizer is gentle on hands and contains an emollient to protect skin preventing the type of sensitivity and dryness caused by alcohol-based sanitizers.

This product will be available from July 2020 in a 750ml trigger spray bottle and 5L bottles at automotive retail stores. For more information go to www.holtssa.co.za