Keep fresh air in and pollutants out

Summer is upon us and it won’t be long before temperatures – and the need for air conditioning – begin to rise even more. Now would be a great time to change your cabin air filter, if you haven’t already.

A newly installed cabin air filter cleans the air passing through the vehicle’s ventilation system preventing pollutants and contaminants such as pollen, dust and fumes from entering the interior. Well, purified air is especially beneficial for drivers and passengers who suffer from seasonal allergies when pollen is blown around. In addition to optimising the effectiveness of the car’s air conditioner, a quality filter also helps eliminate bad smells like smoke and fumes by trapping them before they enter the cabin.

Frank van Wyk, Product Development Engineer at GUD Holdings – Filters Division, advises changing cabin air filters every 25,000 kms or at least once a year.

“The airflow entering the vehicle’s interior is significantly reduced when the filter clogs up with dirt and other contaminants,” he said. “Over time, the clogged filter can lead to a musty, damp odour and restriction in airflow from the climate control system. We recommend regular filter changes with an OEM equivalent GUD Cabin Air filter to keep the air in your car – and by extension, the air entering your lungs, healthy.”

GUD stocks a comprehensive range of cabin air filters that are designed to reduce the number of harmful contaminants entering your vehicle via the air conditioning system, providing a much cleaner breathing experience for you and your passengers. The range also includes anti-odour cabin air filters featuring Activated Carbon technology designed to absorb external odours and harmful gasses.

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