Redex extends its AdBlue Product Range

AdBlue®, used in AdBlue tank-fitted diesel vehicles to reduce emissions, is now available in additional pack sizes from Redex, in line with market demands. The expanded range now includes a 20 litre bottle and a bulk 1000 litre flowbin. The original 5 litre bottle has a controlled internal spout that eliminates spillage and requires no additional equipment for pouring. The spout also prevents contamination by foreign particles.

AdBlue®’s advanced formula is blended locally and is ISO22241-1 certified. It is a necessary addition to EURO 6 compliant diesel vehicles, which are manufactured with the fuel cleaner AdBlue® tank, in line with the global focus on reducing the environmental impact of cars/emissions.

AdBlue® levels have to be checked at every service. An empty tank will result in the vehicle going into limp mode or not starting at all, so it is therefore prudent to ensure the fluid never runs out.
AdBlue® cleans up to 80 percent of diesel gases by chemically reacting to harmful exhaust fumes and converting them into harmless water and nitrogen vapour, which then gets expelled from the vehicle via the exhaust. The fluid is stored in a specially fitted tank in the vehicle, but unlike petrol or diesel, it is not injected into the engine. Instead, the solution is fed into part of the vehicle’s exhaust where the chemical reaction occurs.

Redex is the number 1 additive brand in the UK and has been helping cars to drive further since 1922. Redex is sold under license to the South African market by Holts South Africa, a G.U.D. Holdings Company. AdBlue® is available at leading automotive distributors and retailers.