Safeline delivers safety like no other

We all rely on our brakes to perform when we need them most, however, brake failure, at 11.4%, is the second most significant mechanical cause of car accidents on South Africa’s roads, according to the most recent National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) for 2016 – 2030. The document was published by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), the government appointed agency tasked with ensuring safe, secure and responsible use of the country’s roads. Poor quality brake pads do not stop quickly enough to avoid collisions and prevent the loss of lives.

Safety is part of Safeline’s DNA, so we put our brake pads to the test, to ensure the best possible stopping power. In the AMS Fade Test, an internationally recognised test to determine braking distance, Safeline was proven to outperform competitor brake pads, stopping up to 10 metres shorter than other leading brands. This is significant, as 10 metres can mean the difference between a safe stop and disaster.

Inferior brake pad

Caption: Poor quality brake pad that showed failure on a dynamometer test conducted in an independent ISO 17025: 2017 certified laboratory.

* According to AMS fade tests conducted on Safeline brake pads and 3 competitor brake pads.

Concerningly, testing at an independent ISO 17025: 2017 accredited laboratory found that some brake pads in the South African market were poorly made, easily crumbling and cracking. The low cost of these inferior brake pads may be attractive in tough times but risking brake failure means risking your life. It is important to realise that while new brake pads may look alike, they definitely don’t all perform the same. Ensure your customers’ safety by fitting brake pads sourced from a reputable manufacturer, like Safeline, who adheres to the compulsory government specifications.

As South Africa’s number one choice for safety, Safeline can be trusted for its heritage, quality, performance and durability. Locally manufactured Safeline brake pads are made to International Quality Standards and are the only brake pad brand to have both the E-Mark and SABS certification. All Safeline passenger pads also carry a 50 000km warranty, giving customers peace of mind.

Safeline is a proud founding member of Right to Repair and supports the right of consumers to fit quality aftermarket parts without voiding their manufacturer warranty. There is a Safeline part available for over 90% of the vehicles on South Africa’s roads. Find your shortest stop to safety today: