New look for Holts Professional Range

Premium car care brand, Holts Professional Range is made with workshops in mind. The range offers a selection of specialised greases and cleaners required by mechanics and exacting DIYers. The range recently received an upgrade with new products added and its sprays boasting colour-coded cans to help differentiate the products. The new cans also feature 360-degree spraying action, which can be used upside down to reach all areas, without leakage.

Each spray has been assigned a unique coloured stripe at the base for easy identification. These include:

  • Red – Holts Brake and Parts Cleaner is a fast-acting and fast-drying cleaning agent which leaves no residue and evaporates completely. The formula is acetone free thus ensuring no damage to paintwork.
  • Orange – Holts Multi-purpose Lithium Grease lubricates and protects all moving parts including hinges, linkages, catches, bike chains, cables, locks and more.
  • White – Holts White Lithium Grease’s high cling, non-drip formula lubricates and protects all moving parts to reduce friction & wear.
  • Purple – Holts EGR & Carb Cleaner, suitable for petrol and diesel engines, increases engine efficiency and throttle response.
  • Yellow – Holts Engine & Parts Degreaser is a powerful, quick-drying degreaser suitable for cleaning most surfaces without leaving a residue.
  • Green – Holts Silicone Spray lubricates and weatherproofs any surface to stop squeaks and reduces wear.
  • Blue – Holts Maintenance Spray is a multipurpose solution that lubricates and protects while driving out moisture.
  • Turquoise – Holts Electrical Contact Cleaner cleans switches, components, relays and contacts with its quick drying, residue-free degreasing formula.
  • Copper – Holts Copper Grease protects against corrosion, preventing seized parts. The high-performance non-melt lubricating grease also prevents brake disc squeal.

The complete Holts Professional Range includes heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers, high-performance greases, innovative repair kits and versatile penetrating oils and lubricants. Holts’ products are developed with customers in mind, making it a trusted brand among mechanics and consumers alike. Products are rigorously tested in laboratories and on the road, to ensure they perform as they should and give vehicle owners and mechanics peace of mind. The Holts brand is marketed by G.U.D. Holdings in South Africa. Value, quality, integrity and service remain the driving force behind its success.

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